Should I keep bulking or cut? Pics inside.

  1. Should I keep bulking or cut? Pics inside.

    Hello everyone
    I'm 5'11", 164lb approx.
    I have been working out for 8 months total and did my first bulk 3 months back (12 week bulking) and I'm confused whether to continue my bulking for another three months or should I start cutting down as I have accumulated pretty much body fat. What do you guys suggest? should I keep bulking or should I start cutting now? as I've accumulated too much fat around my lower pecs, back and lower abs. Pics attached.


  2. bulk.....
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  3. This fat around my lower pecs kind of bothers me and I sometimes feel like I should cut down to get rid of it.

  4. do a mini cut and then bulk, bulk, bulk...i really dont see alot of fat
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  5. Mini cut? how long?

  6. I would do 200 calories above maintainence and lift heavy. It appears you could probably gain some muscle while lossing fat. So a happy middle ground opposed to cutting or bulking
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  7. Considering the fact that your first year is when you will make a ton of improvements faster than any other time supply your body with good clean food, add in some cardio, and kill the weights.

    None of this bulk cut stuff right now.

    Let me know if you have any other questions id be glad to help.
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  8. Actually this is 8 months since I've been continuously lifting, even before that I was exposed to bodybuilding but did it without any information regarding diet, training and supplementation, neither did I continue ever for a month before these 8 months.
    I've noticed that since I've been doing weight training since 2010 (not regularly as I said earlier), would that mean my body has adapted to weight training by now? That's why I started this bulking/cutting thingy.

  9. hey man for your chest try doing your benching at different angles, use a 30-20degree angle, and the typical 45degree. cut out flat benching and decline for a month or so, then switch back to a regular 45,180 degree lifts, but with dumbells this time, this over time will fill you out a little better up top. hit them abs hard 2-3 times a week. dont worry about cutting your body needs a little extra size to grow.

  10. To be honest bro you haven't got a lot of fat on you. If your putting on a bit too much fat then adjust your diet. Eat 200kcals or so above on lifting days and then on off / cardio eat under 100g carbs and around 200kcals below maintenance.


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