Help with Cutting stack

  1. Help with Cutting stack

    Looking at starting my cut in the next 5-7 weeks when i get done with my bottle of APE (test booster). Was looking for a good cutting stack, not interested in clen or T3 yet, have a little more then desired body fat to run those. My diet is in order, turkey burgers on turkey burgers.

    Was looking at a Erase Pro, AT2, OEP stack. I heard alot of good reviews. Also i assume to run a full cycle (8weeks) i would need to buy 2 of each bottle except for the erase pro, right?

    Is their a different stack I should give a whirl that has worked? Tried researching but so many threads.

  2. I just finished that same stack! Got a six pack out of it make sure ur diet is in check that's the real key..had to cut down to 2 erase a day on 3 week joints began to hurt then went back to 3 on last week..I ran it 4 weeks helped me lose a lot abdominal fat. Drop like 6lbs
    I Don't know my bf% thou but I recommend it!!
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  3. Yeah im going to stack Anabeta elite + AT2 + erase all on a 2 month cycle here in the next month, im stoked. Thanks brotha

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