eviscerate smolder or abilderate

  1. eviscerate smolder or abilderate

    Running DCP, Erase, OxyElite Pro and Alpha T2. Looking to add a transdermal. Which would be a better choice? Eviscerate smolder or abilderate. Not sure what my bf% is. 4 of my 6 abs is visible right now. Serratus muscles are also visiable. Having trouble with my lower ab area. It is flat but the bottom abs are not popping. 6 foot, 186lbs.

  2. If your top 4 abs are visible then your likely to be around 12% and Eviscerate is generally recommended for <15% BF and Abliderate for >15% BF.

  3. Alright. Cool! Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

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