1500 calorie diet?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by David Dunn
    I'm not an expert by any means.

    Generally 10-12x BW for calories is a decent starting point depending upon your phenotype. Some of course have higher metabolisms and can handle more calories. I am an endomorph and with meticulous diet and nutrient timing can actually increase LBM and loose fat (recomposition) at 10X bw...I am also 200lbs and 47yo....

    The point I cannot emphasize enough is that it is better for body composition and muscle retention to achieve a deficit by caloric expenditure rather than caloric deprivation. I don't know how long you have been at this but I have been breaking my ass for ten years toi gain 3-5lbs of LBM a year and would not want to lose any due to laziness...I can easily starve myself and lose all of my hard earned LBM.

    Depending upon your experience with deficits you may be able to start with more than 3000 calories but I would not go lower without the risk of losing LBM.
    Thank you is all i can say for that info. When i was up to about 290 i cleaned up my diet significantly and started eating around 2900 cals a day. Ive gotten down as low as 207 but totally stagnated at fat loss. Infact ive gained a little. Changed stuff around while i was on cycle and it upsettingly got worse, i dropped 1100 cals roughly... I think im going to give this a try. And see how it goes.
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  2. I dont think T3 is VERY OVERATED.. T3/Clen has been confirmed to cut u up... I know figure competitors who live on the stuff... i think the MUSCLE EATING people claim it does is overrated
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by David Dunn View Post
    This forum is full of insanity at times.

    Take your bodyweight and multiply it by 10X = calories

    Take your body weight and multiply it by 1.25X = grams of protein

    Take your calories and multiply it by .35 = calories from EFA (good fat)

    Take the balance of your calories and divide by 4 = grams of carbohydrates.

    Here it is:
    ~3000 calories
    ~375g protein
    ~115g EFA (fat)
    ~100g carbs

    Do whatever weight training you are so inclined to do. After resistance training perform cardio of choice for 30 mins minimum with a target heart rate of 65%-70% of your max heart rate. Consume your carbohydrates around your training.

    Simple, drug free way to very easily shed fat. You do not need nor want to use T3. It is very overrated.

    I am quoting this so that I can come back and learn from this. Why is your avatar not Yoda's image?

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