Is this weird?

  1. Is this weird?

    I've been on Krish gethins workout for 3 weeks now I've lost 4lbs 188-184 in the first 2 weeks but ever since I've stayed the same weight I started 25% bf and now I'm 22% I'm a little confused about this is this normal? I hadn't lifted for 2 months since this so basically I'm staying same weight and losing bf. Im 184, 5'9 i workout everyday,
    i am eating 2000kcal i know im under by alot my macros are like 200g protein 50g fat rest carbs or something. I see a difference in the mirrior too but not on the scale.

  2. The scale means nothing, this is completely normal and in fact most people will actually gain weight after the first few weeks. What is happening is your body is building up muscle mass and losing fat. Since muscle weighs more than fat often times people will gain weight. So your BF % is dropping because your losing BF however, your weight is staying the same because you're adding muscle mass at the same time.

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