Macronutrient Ratios

  1. Macronutrient Ratios

    Would like to get some opinions on optimal macronutrient ratios you've found to be successful for bulking and cutting excluding keto/low carb diets. As an ecto-mesomorph I'm leaning towards a 40-40-20 (pro-carb-fat) of 3000 cals as a maintenance level, no lower than 2400 cals for cutting, no higher than 3600 cals for bulking. I'm 6' 205lbs about 12%bodyfat.

  2. Damn, how'd I miss this one?

    Do you know your BMR first of all? If you dont, check the link in my signature to Matt's BMR calculator.

    Personally, for bulking I like a 40/40/20 or sometimes if Im looking to gain quick a 30/40/30. My calories are around 250-300 above maintainence.

    For cutting, I usually do a 50/25/25, or something near that.
    And my calories are usually 250 below maintainence for that day.

  3. echo YJ, them looks good . I find that personally, relatively higher protein ratios seem to work better either way... matt's calculator is an excellent tool

  4. Hey YJ is the 50 carbs or protein in your cutting?

  5. Thought so just wanted to make sure on it before I start working on my cutter.. I think that what was my main problem in the last go around.. protein was too low.

  6. Great. Thanks for the input. Asked the same question at bb didn't get 1 response yet. My maintenance level is around 3100 cals so I'll start from there.

  7. i have lost almost 80 pounds following a 70/15/15 diet.

  8. does the question pertain to on cycle or off?

  9. Originally posted by nightop
    does the question pertain to on cycle or off?
    Off cycle.

  10. hypercaloric ("bulking") = 50/25/25
    hypocaloric (non-keto, "cutting") = 35/35/30


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