Rapid weight loss woman -after preg

  1. Rapid weight loss woman -after preg

    Hello there, i gave birth 40 days ago. Used to have fat 17% and during pregnancy i got 23% (my god! How did this happen??!) so now i was wondering how can i go quivkly back? Used to train 3 ti es week and during pregnancy also. Now i work out 4-5 times /week. I a. Not the cardio type though. Preffer weights/machinery and alittle tinnie bit of trx training. Just bought dexaprine, acetyl carnitine.. What should i take daily and for how long? Of course i am on a special nutrition. (pleade rossie enlighten me!) thanx 4 ur answers!!!

  2. HIIT and low carbs.
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  3. My sister is in the same boat but she wouldn't listen to my advice.
    lower carbs, carnitine, coffee in the morning, green tea extract twice a day
    also if u can buy *** Total Lean™ Liquid L-Carnitine, its a great combo of stimulants and it tastes great

  4. thanx a lot !!! just took dexaprine and i went to hospital due to 140 heart pulse totally still. should have read your respomnses first

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