HELP- Quitting Adderall/Beginning EC transition w. anti-depressents

  1. Exclamation HELP- Quitting Adderall/Beginning EC transition w. anti-depressents

    Just wanted to give most of you on this site props for being so informative and useful with their knowledge and input!
    I appreciate you taking time out of your lives to answer questions for the clueless newbies such as myself. Everyone seems to be on the same page and have a lot of the same goals. Ya'll are very non-judgemental so I've decided to share some personal info in hopes of obtaining some useful advice and opinions:

    I've been taking adderall for quite some time. I'm currently up to 40mg 1x a day (morning). I used it to stay focused and give me a boost of energy while suppressing my appetite. Since I have been taking it for so long, the accumulative affect has taken it's toll on me and i'm requiring more and more of it just to stay afloat. My weight loss has plateau'd which is one of the reasons for me taking it in the first place and when I don't take it, I feel very tired and unmotivated. At this point, it might even be a mental thing but it is what it is. I've been DREADING the halt of my adderall intake because I enjoy the effects very much but know it's inevitable for certain reasons.

    I was at 202 lbs at my heaviest a few years back and worked EXTREMELY hard to lose weight. I'm very active and exercise on the reg. My weight loss was attributed to better diet, exercise and started taking adderall about a 1.5 years ago and watched even MORE weight come off. I LOVED all the compliments I was getting and for once, I felt so damn good about myself. I was on top of the world buying all these awesome cute clothes and looking hot in a 2 piece. Last summer, I reached my lowest weight since I was younger: 149 lbs. Unfortunately, stress played a part in me not eating much so needless to say, the weight lost was unhealthy.

    I was able to move beyond the stressful situation and have improved my attitude tremendously. Needless to say, the happier I got, the more I ate and soon the weight started coming back even though I'd still managed to keep exercising regularly.

    Life is a roller coaster: About a month ago, I was diagnosed with mild-moderate depression and prescribed 20mg of Citalopram daily. I've been reluctant to begin any anti-depressents because I have an immense fear of gaining weight (weight gain is a possible side affect of AD) especially seeing how far I've come and how hard I worked to lose the weight. The AD is definitely boosting my seratonin levels and have noticed a HUGE improvement in my emotions, improved everyday interactions, etc. HOWEVER, I have definitely put on some weight which, unfortunately, is counteracting the affect of the AD because I am deeply upset about the way I look but pleased with the way I feel. I am still taking 40mg of adderall but only have about 4 more days of supply and then i'm done. I fear that once I stop taking the adderall, I will gain even MORE weight because my energy level will decrease and my appetite won't be as suppressed. Seems like I have to work double time just to even ATTEMPT to not gain anymore weight. To make matters worse, I have a super skinny boyfriend who eats whatever the hell he wants and doesn't gain an ounce so he's always snacking around me. I do my best to control my urges but sometimes I cave and it does add up.

    I've been researching for hours about the "EC" stack and am very much looking forward to trying it out once my adderall supply is out. I want to quit adderall entirely but definitely fear the immediate "crashing" results from not taking it anymore. In your opinion, will the EC be affective for me? I think i'll have to take more than 200mg of the recommended caffeine dose because I drink a lot of caffeine AND take adderall too so my body has become pretty tolerant of it. Is EC a good choice for transition? Thinking about Bronkaid/Jet Alert since EPH seemed to work for me back in the day.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my life story!

  2. I can't give you advice on the EC stack but I have been clean of adderall for 4 months now after two years of regular use (and occassional abuse). I'm talking anywhere from 40mg to 100mg a day. I tried to quit many times and failed due to the lack of motivation and depression. The number one thing that helped me was running. HIIT and/or long distance running at least 30 minutes a day. That is when I made the breakthrough to quit and I barely had a withdrawal and needed no transition drugs. I strongly suggest use start running, it saved my life.

  3. I'll bite. Considering your ADHD, weight issues, and depression, you might consider doing some research into gut health and its connections with weight, depression and brain function. Chris has some podcasts where he addresses the link between gut health and depression, too.

    And a podcast that addresses the use of amino acid neurotransmitter pre-cursors to help the body produce healthy levels of neurotransmitters:

    From personal experience, my mental state of being (and I also have ADHD and have had depression) is MUCH better while eating a paleo diet devoid of artificial sugars and processed foods (which doesn't always have to be low-carb, if that's a concern).

    As far as the use of EC, in my experience it was well tolerated in lieu of adderall, but if you don't have diet, SLEEP and exercise in check, it won't help much.
    Sarguy's SNS TTA-500 and ALCAR-500 Log:

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