Advice for Balking

  1. Advice for Balking

    Hi I'm 28 years old weigh 182lb I'm 5.9 and been training for 6 month, iv just started a course of dbol 10 mg 5 a day split thro the day and 1 before I train, 2 mil of sus a week split into 2 days and 1 mil of test e. followed no nolva at the end of my course.
    This is my training program not including warm up as stretching
    Monday chest and bi's.. Flat bench 3 sets 8/10 incline 4 sets 8/10 fly3 sets 8/10 then cable crossovers same detail.
    Bi's chin up 3 sets of 8/10 preacher curls close grip hammer curls then bi curls with cables

    Tuesday legs and Abs.. Squats 4 sets 8/10 lunges calf raises then dead lift same detail

    Wed rest day

    Thursday back and tries.. Wide grip chin ups, lat pull down, bent over row, lat pull Dow close grip
    Tries.. Scull crusher kick back tri push down (not sure of the name) and rope pull down

    My main concern is shoulders

    Friday shoulder.. Dumbel press, bar press behind neck. Side raises, up rite and row, rear raises, shrugs, different rear raises

    Could someone help me or tell me if I could make y program better or if I'm over doin it, I am getting gain in strength and size all sets 8/10 last set to failure

  2. Not sure about the gear or your diet, but if you are very concerned with shoulders, move them to Mondays. Having them at the beginning of your split should help as you will be fresh on energy and motivation. Whenever i have a bodypart i need to bring up, i usually move it to the beginning of the week.

  3. Thanks for your advice il give that a go. I do have a good sesh when I do my shoulders and they are strong I just wasn't sure if I was doin to much or to little.

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