Hello all,

I am new to the forum. I have served in the armed forces for 8 years now and I had a snowboarding accident in December 2011. I was in training and bulking up at the time of the injury. I have now been on the recovery for 6 months and started my training 6 weeks ago.

I have started road biking, rowing and running to increase my CV whilst trying to keep a low impact programme on my knee.

I am not seeing a loss of weight and most importantly an improvement in stamina.

I currently take multivitamins, Vitimin C, omega 3 capsules daily. I also take whey protein and creatine only during workout days.

I would like to think I eat healthy with only a one sin meal a Week maximum.

My question is:

Would any of you recommend a TTA supplement to boost weight loss or is it not worth it? I am not seeing currently a decent weight loss over the last 6 weeks.