Post Diet Strategy

  1. Post Diet Strategy

    I have a few more weeks of dieting left in me. I'll admit I haven't been as strict as usual, as I've been cheating over the weekend at least 1 day. Granted that's not all that bad but considering I can go months on end without cheating it's a bit of a mental hit.

    Anyway, my question is once my diet has concluded, what do you guys think of a diet scheme as follows:

    2 weeks clean bulk (limit cardio a bit)/1 week strict diet (cardio mania)


    Of course there are several variations I've been contemplating. 1 week bulk/1 week dieting, 2 weeks bulk/2 weeks dieting. What do you guys suggest would be ideal for lean gains?

    I only ask because I'm trying to stay as healthy as possible considering my history of gorging myself with pizza, wings, ribs, etc. I've never been fat (ectomorph naturally) due to my fortunate metabolism but I'm looking at it from a health stand point. I'm only 25, and by no means is that 40, but I'd like to finally live the healthy life style that my body has exuded for a while even though my insides have been the opposite.

    I'm very open to suggestions, I'm leaning towards the 2 weeks bulk/1 week diet or 2/2 but please, give me your feed back.

  2. your gains are going to suffer if you play around with your calories on a week-to-week basis. If you're totally committed to staying lean during a bulk, go 4-6 bulking and then 2 weeks of dieting / cardio

  3. This 2 week bulk 1 week cut will do nothing. 4 weeks minimum with my opinion being atleast 8 weeks.

    If you want to do cardio for the health benefits just add in some extra calls but if not just lean bulk and eat clean. This will negate the need for yo yo dieting.
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  4. u gotta bulk for longer bro. at least 2 months or whole winter to actually build decent muscle

  5. Yeah im gna agree with the others, switching it around is just going to hinder your prgress. Concentrate on one thing at a time, If your worried about potentially packing on fat mass, then bulk slowly. Itll lessen the amount of fat you have to burn at the end.

  6. Im going to take the Layne Norton strategy. I appreciate all the feed back guys.


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