I need a true professional

  1. I need a true professional

    So I am 6'0 230ish pounds I'm 32. I am a ex soldier and college athlete. I have gained weight since the good old days. Currently I am in Iraq. I have access to a fairly nice gym. The food is ok. Mostly short order stuff. Anyway what I'm looking for is the quickest way possible to lose about 40 pounds. I have access to some whey protien, b6, and things like lipo6x and Sans Tight. If there is someone out there that can help me with a good exercise plan, calorie goal, and any supplements I can take/stack I would be greatly appreciative. If the person was a professional I'd be willing to pay and even use pictures of my results and testimony for there business. I don't need a trainer in the gym as I know the gym well but I've always had a exercise plan laid out for me. Thank you for those who take the time to reply

  2. Send me an email or contact me through the website. We will get you set up.

    trinitypersonaltraining3 at gmail

  3. You're over thinking buddy. I'll list your steps for you

    1. Find out maintenance calories and eat below.
    2. Lift high weight, low reps
    3. Download phone app to organize your workout routine. Or print a log or just write it all out in a notebook

    Done. All u need to do is eat under maintenance to lose weight. All those special plans and diets won't do you anything until u realize that. Cardio burns calories and helps you create a deficit if you can't control your eating that well. But it's not completely needed.

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