Tips on Cardio and Cutting

  1. Tips on Cardio and Cutting

    Im going to start to get cut up pretty soon, im after cutting before, down to about 6% bf, but I was wondering what are the best methods for cardio while cutting but preserving the most muscle possible. Im looking to get down around 3-4% bf. I know all about loosing 1-1.5 lbs per week and all that stuff, just wondering what some of you guys do in order to get cut and keep the muscle, Thanks.


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    Diddo^ couldn't have said it any better .... HITT brotha HITT till u can't HITT anymore then.....oh yeah HITT some more.

  3. HIIT is very good but i think LISS works well also. It really depends on what you prefer.

    I think as long as your diet is on point and you are being consistent both will work well.
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  4. Both have their advantages. Cutting weight is working within a calorie deficit while filling those macronutrients with the best possible sources. Cardio is a means of increasing said deficit. HIIT is shown to get a response from the body for a longer period of time, but whatever works for you and fits your lifestyle is what you should choose. Consistency is key and you will follow through with what you like more then you will what you do not.



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