ECA stack + green mag while cutting?

  1. ECA stack + green mag while cutting?

    Hey,my question is what the title states, i am currently on the ECA stack (8mg hcl x3 + 200 mg caff) doing this 3 times a day. I was wondering after reading mixed reviews, if it would be smart/good idea to also stack it with green mag which i have currently just haven't taken it yet. My stats are 5'5'' 179lb, 33'' waist ive posted photos before and can again also if needed. while on the subject of cutting whats everyones view on "lean gains diet"

  2. Isn't green mag Creatine?
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  3. yes its fine to use...
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  4. Ya green mag is creatine. Only worries I had were added bloat. The more I read the more I hear that's less apparent with green mag?

  5. Don't worry about that...Creatine is good for a cut it helps with strength and keeps your muscles full
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  6. Awesome. Thanks guys! Lean gains good idea also?

  7. leangains is always a good idea
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  8. Sweet! I'm going to end up going with that!

  9. Any input on dosage?

  10. Anyone had better success using just two?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by greilich View Post
    Any input on dosage?

    Drop aspirin , if you want better results do ECY stack Y stands for Yohimbe HCL or Alpha-Y if you are too sensitive to Y...Dosage is .2mg/KG body weight, split with the 3 dosages of EC , do not take it straight up and build up a tolerance as suggested by the site. Bronkaid is your friend for cheap ephedrine.
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  12. Ya I purchased 8mg E PILLS. From Canada, and I have yohombmine. I did the building up first stage like suggested and I felt 2 e pills plus 200 mg caff x3 a day had better results than the higher days in dosage of 3 e + 200 mg caff x 3 times daily

  13. If you are going to do both EC and yohimbine, take the Y in the morning on an empty stomach. Then do EC like 4 hours later. Both of them together= panicked death

  14. Really? I've done it past 3 days no issues??!


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