Training and diet tips Need Help

  1. Training and diet tips Need Help

    Current stats
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: around 225
    Waist: 37"
    Bodyfat: I think it's about 18-19%

    Weight: 200-205
    Waist: whatever it ends up at
    Bodyfat: 10-12% by July 10

    This might not be realistic I'm not really sure how much is possible to drop.

    I do weight training for about 1hr - 1.5hrs a day 6 days a week
    I know I'm going to have to start cardio which I hate. But it has to be done.

    I'm currently taking a PH so now is the time to burn the fat and add muscle.
    Any tips, diets, workouts would be greatly appreciated.

  2. How long have you lifted consistently for? Which ph are you taking? You do know that diet is the most important part of weight loss right PH's aren't just a miracle pill. If it were me I'd try to drop to 12 percent bf before taking anything but that's just me. you already being on it and not having a plan in place is a big no no. Doing cardio on a ph can be harder than doing cardio without it due to possible joint pain and lethargy pending on which PH you're taking.

    Your goals are great but within the time frame it's going to be up to you.
    You need to eat something every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism going. And you need to be extremely strict on your diet if you want to come close to or meet your goal.

    I limit carbs to the mornings and after my workouts. Some people disagree but everyone is different it's just worked for me.

    so my average day is
    8am wake up- protein shake
    9am Breakfast- oatmeal, 4egg whites, almonds, fruit
    11am-12pm 2-3 hours later protein shake/bar
    1pm 1 hour later I go to the gym
    2pm Right after my workout I have a Monster milk immediatly.
    2:30pm grilled chicken, whole wheat pasta,some kind of green vegi
    4:30- protein bar/shake sometimes tuna
    6:30-8 Grillen chicken or some kind of fish or 96% lean ground beef, or 94%lean ground turkey with steamed vegi's and little small amount of almonds. I marinate alot of my food with extra virgin olive oil for the efa's. I stay away from starch at night but if I do have carbs it's fruit
    before bed Some kind of slow digesting protein such as casein.

    If I go to bed later I will throw in another meal of just chicken and veggies I have my meals already pre made. the entire goal is to keep your metabolism going.

    I like working out in the middle of the day because your body temp is the warmest and you burn more calories in theory. every now and again I switch up things like an hour before my workout instead of having a shake i'll have a smoothie, same concept though.

    This diet has worked best for me but everyone's different. and your job can sometimes get in the way. I'm a student right now and I am a server so protein bars are convenient for me.

    as far as training goes like I said I workout in the afternoon for possibly calorie burning effect and the fact it's normally when no one is there.

    my workout routine is
    monday- off day because gyms are too crowded from people feeling bad about what they ate or drank over the weekend
    tuesday- Legs

    sometimes I switch my sunday and monday if I'm feeling tired.

    good luck with the program and I hope you know what your doing with your PH with dosing and pct

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