Liquid Clen on airplane?

  1. Liquid Clen on airplane?

    Hey guys. New member here. I'm not sure if i'm posting in the right section, but I need your guys help.
    So i'm going out of the country for 2 months and i'm deciding to bring my liquid clen. Please don't say to ship it there or just leave it at home.
    I was thinking around the lines of putting it in my checked luggage either in a vanilla extract bottle or maybe in a hand sanitizer-mini shampoo bottle gathered around other cosmetic products? If I give them no reason to believe I have anything suspicious, I doubt they'd check.
    My Liquid clen is a research chemical in 200mcg/ml 30ml vial. Thanks guys!

  2. Idk exactly how much but you really arn't allowed to take ANY liquid above x amount on a plane. call ahead.. you REALLY cant just go w/out it..?

  3. if u put it in your carry on luggage they would probably take it.

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