Is clen really anti-catabolic?

  1. Is clen really anti-catabolic?

    I understand the story originates from an experiment, with i believe rats being given a way higher dosage than humans can supposedly survive on. What i'm concerned is, if it really is some what anabolic or not. I plan on running it 4 weeks after my cycle, when i finish my PCT. Just wondering, if it really is anabolic to an extent. I keep finding very mixed reviews on the internet. Wouldn't it then preserve muscle in a PCT? I understand cutting is the last thing to do on a cut, but if clen preserves muscle, wouldn't it then help during PCT if you attempted to cut?

  2. clen is somewhat catobolic in humans. I personally wouldnt use it without being on the juice. also you dont wanna run it for more than 2 weeks consecutively as to not overstimulate your adrenegin receptors.

    I know I probably spelled a bunch of **** wrong.

  3. 2 studies have show an anabolic (anti-catabolic) effect. One was on burned rats, and the anticatabolic effect was the rate of catabolism of the burned skin, which is pretty well 100% irrelevant. the other was a human study, where over 6 months doses were ramped up to 720mcg/day for use with heart valve surgery patients if I recall right. They gained something like 1kg of mass more than the control group did over the same time

  4. I cant imagine dosing clen that high it starts getting unpleasent for me at anything over 150mcg a day

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Oscar View Post
    I cant imagine dosing clen that high it starts getting unpleasent for me at anything over 150mcg a day
    well, if you just bump the dose by 20mcg a week, you don't get the same side effects. but it seems pretty freakin pointless



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