weight loss stalled...

  1. weight loss stalled...

    during the winter I was eating around 5000 calories at my highest. I went from a 38 pants to a 35 natty just by reducing my calories to a reasonable level. in preparationf for my cycle I did a little bit of pre-dieting and got to around a 33 waist. 4 weeks ago I started a tren mast test clen l-thyroxine cycle and reduced calories a little more but haven't lost ANY weight, according to my scale at home I've gained 1 kg even while going from just riding my bike to school and back "around 5 miles each way" to that plus 40 minutes of pretty hard cardio 4 times a week, and less calories. right now I'm eating 1kg of chicken "weighed frozen" 2/3 cup of brown rice "dry measured" pre-workout and 1/3 cup of white rice "dry measured" PW.

    so, should I take out all carbs and replace them with fat + more cardio and try to force my body to lose fat "cyclical keto"? or should I raise calories for 2 weeks to bring myself out of starvation mode?

    my friend lost around 80 lbs during his last contest prep, so it makes me really curious how he did it...

    It seems like if I'm burning more than I'm eating my body will have no choice but to burn fat... how can it just stall like this?


  2. So you're running 3 compounds and expect to lose a significant amount of weight? Carbs are not the enemy, I would not switch them with fat. You'll probably be lethargic with running test, tren, and mast. How do you look in the mirror? Do you look leaner despite the slight weight gain? You could try a cheat meal or if you have been dieting for a while, do a refeed.

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