noob with questions, joy!

  1. noob with questions, joy!

    Hello all, i'm new here to this forum and world in general, here are some very basic specs im a 24 year old male, im 6', i weigh 200-205, according to a calculater online my bmi is 26% not sure how accurate that is without calipers. I am joining this forum looking for advice during a katanadrol stack i will be doing. My hopes for this cycle will be to push my gut into my arms and shoulders, and drop down to about 190 lbs. My current diet and workout are non existent other than daily mnt. biking, yes in the mountains (actually a purty good workout). I've just started cutting out all carbination unfortunatly including beer, and am lookin for diet and workout plans that will benifit my goals. Any and all advice is highly appreciated, I look forward to learn from you all.

  2. Any experience with bodybuilding or lifting weights at all?

  3. I'm not very familiar with katanadrol but I would recommend hitting the gym and doing basic movements like benchpress, overhead barbell and dumbell press, squats, rows, barbell and dumbell curls etc., and you'll shed some fat. Start light and stay light for the first month or so then slowly work your way up to a weight you can only perform 6-8 reps with before failure. Work hard and you'll see results. As far as diet, you can go as simple as 40 40 20 or as complex as cycle dieting. Google bodybuilding diet and take your pic (as long as it's a good source).

  4. you are not pushing anything into anything... please READ A LOT MORE before you take the Katanadrol... you shouldnt be touching it until you are much lower bf%.
    Log of EPIC by FRL -

  5. yeah ive got experience in the gym, ive lifted regularly before, wrestled/played football in highschool, also took basic weight training. I know im not going to push a gut into my arms just giving you the simple idea i want to shred belly fat and build upperbody muscle. now saying this doesnt mean i know how to work every muscle in my body or what they are called in fact, if i knew those things i wouldnt be here. thanks for the fast responses and advise!

  6. Do not take katanadrol. It is a steroid and will do nothing but hurt you if you dont have your lfting and diet completely in check.

    Calories in vs calories out is the rule to losong weight. Ur fat in your gut will not turn into muscle in your shoulders or arms. U need to pick a goal and go for it. Either lose the fat, or gain the muscle first.

    Id say lose the fat so u can see how much muscle u actually got. It will be a lot easier to see any gains once u lower your fat to at least 15% bf.

    Btw bmi and body fat are too different things. Bmi is stupid just ignore it. And calipers are used for body fat

  7. from what ive read katana is a prohormone not a steroid? i know that they are similar but different, i thought pro hormones just helped your body up your hormone levels, steroids your actually using the hormone to up your level. Im probably wrong but just going off things ive read. And my diet and lifting will be in check before i cycle the katana, im actually planning to drop 10 lbs before i start it. ill post my diet plan and lifting schedule once i figure it out then we will go from there, also i will get an accurate body fat perctentage up for yall, thanks again for all the help.

  8. Another name for pohormones are "designer steroids"

    What you referred to are natural test boosters which are completely fine. They just increase your testes ability to pump out testosterone

    Prohormones and steroids are substances that u put into your body, and your body turns them into testosterone. This is not completely fine because you can rape your natural test production and throw your body all out of wack if dun incorrecty. These substances also create way more test than naturally possible, and there are bad side effects from that as well such as male baldness, acne, cramps, anger issues associated with dominance. Your body will also be pumpin out estrogen to balance the increased test. This isnt always a problem while on cycle, but if not taken care of after cycle, it leads to permanent problems such as gynecomastia, infertility, thigs like that. Think of it like this. Once u stop the cycle, you'll have above naturals estro levels, and a very depleted natural test production. All bad for guys

    The biggest differece between steroids and ph's is that steroids made the list of controlled substances and are therefor illegal to own

    The fact that u have no idea what youre thinkig about puting into your body shows u are far from ready to use somthing as dangerous as a ph.

    Im telling u all this as a warning to stay away from ph's untill uve experienced gains and cuts naturaly. U dont know your body well enough from a lifting perspective to succesfuly run a cycle. Get the lifting game down, get the diet game down. Do it several times, then you'll be ready. It takes most people about a year just to figure what routines they like/respond best to as well as learning proper form on the harder stuff. Then u need to master the diet game.

    Ph's and steroids are for lifters that do this as a lifestyle rather than a hobby. That means we count calories and macros almost subconsciously. We build our daily schedule around the gym rather than finding time for the gym in our lives. We go out and buy the right food that takes time to cook, not the fast processed stuff


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