Please help me

  1. Please help me

    Hi, I'm looking for advise or help me setup diet / training protocol for me:
    I'm a 28 yr male
    Weigh - 210
    Height - 5.9
    Waist - 36in
    Neck - 16.5in
    According to my
    Bmi - 29.0
    Waist to height ratio - 0.54
    Percent body fat - 22.4%
    Lean body mass - 73.7 kg

    I'm training 2-3 x a week weight lifting. cardio 1-2 x a week.
    Everyone is different and I don't want to go by someone's else diet/training protocol, so I'm looking person who knows what he tell and recomends.
    Don't want to loose much weight I think arrond 190 would be my line.

    took whole body measurements and can upload them If anyone interested to help me.


  2. Research diets, your in the right place to start that. Find one that looks like you could stick to it and give it a whirl, adjust as necessary. Nothing wrong with copying something that is proven you just need to tweak it to meet your needs. Don't jump into a diet that you'll fail, i.e. if you can't live without bread don't do a keto diet. Increasing your cardio will help also, etc, etc. Research, experiment, fail or succeed, keep going.

  3. Anyone help me with my stack:
    Usn Whey protein
    Usn bcaa
    No xplode
    Alpha t2
    Acetyl l carnitine (alcar)
    Need advice how to take them (doze it) I'm training 3-4 x a week. Biggest problem that I'm on rotating shift at work.
    Dayshift 8am - 5pm working and after go to gym.
    Nightshirt 5pm - 5am, gym before work.

  4. Anyone?

  5. Carnitine take 2g daily. All at once or split up doesn't matter if I remember correctly. I don't really see why you need help figuring out dosing on the others.
    Training log:



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