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    I am embarrassed to post this, but I am a woman who is getting into lifting and I am way too heavy. 5'7", 185 lbs. Definitely have a long way to go. I've been doing the following diet for a few months, but I notice if I have a weekend where I deviate (ex: I had steak/french fries and wine this weekend), I can quickly gain back several lbs and they don't go away! I have such a hard time with weight.

    2 eggs scrambled with turkey
    Green juice (kale, cucumber, ginger, parsley, lemon)

    cabbage salad with walnuts and a little raw cheese

    protein shake with 1/2 frozen banana

    lean protein, veggies, sweet potato

    a little dark chocolate

    I agree there is room for improvement here, but I have to be careful because if I cut EVERYTHING I will fall off the wagon for sure. Guess I don't have great willpower. And I have bad cravings. I could easily eat way more than this (I have a brutal time with appetite control).

  2. Well you shouldn't be embarrassed. You are trying, which is more than alot of others.
    Your diet looks good, how much and what do you drink? Sugar is a killer for weight loss. Stay away from diet drinks also. Try to get down 3/4 of a gallon of water per day.
    What kind of exersize are you doing? Weights/cardio/etc?

    If your going to drink any alchohol, don't take in carbs or cut them wayyyy back. Alchohol is the first to get metabolized, if you eat and drink, all that food goes to storage while your body works on the alky. Then you get up and eat the next day, while everything you ate the night before isn't even processed yet.

    Oh and how old are you?

  3. The easiest method to slim down is by using much more calories compared to you eat. This can be done by following nutrition and becoming more energetic. Before you begin the slimming plan, speak to your doctor.

    Secure weight loss plans that really work:

    Set a goal associated with steady but very slow weight reduction - One to two pounds each week
    Offer low-calorie diet plans having a number of well balanced meals
    Encourage you to become more physically energetic
    Educate you regarding healthy consuming and exercise
    Adjust to your preferences and social background
    Help you retain weight away once you shed it

  4. Your body is at a calorie deficit for a while then you deviate and your body stores everything because it is in survival mode. If I drink I will easily put back on 5-7 pounds in one night. Then it takes another week to shed it again. Will power and determination are the keys to being successful at weight loss. It is truly a number game calories in and calories expended. Keep a food log and write every piece of food or drink and there calories in it. Most people cheat on this or just don't do it. Be honest with yourself. Most people are shocked when they do this correctly and find out just how many calories they consume. Use measuring cups and scales and take control. You can do this. Think positive.

  5. Don't call it weight loss. Well unless you want to lose bone, muscle, tissue and tendon mass.

  6. They mis-named this section for some reason.

  7. Thanks everyone. I'm 41. Oh, drinking....I forgot about that. I drink red wine nearly every day. Usually 1 - 2 glasses. I heard it was good for health but I guess I have been overdoing it. I thought it was about 80 calories per glass, but I bet it is contributing to my problems losing weight. I have terrible cravings for a "dopamine" hit at night. I strongly crave cigarettes (although I haven't smoked in a few years now) or sugar or alcohol. I also suffer from depression and any of these 3 things make me feel better. I can often get through the day eating really healthy by thinking "I just need to get to tonight when I can have chocolate and wine". I guess I need to get a grip.

    (As for exercise, I walk 40 mins daily and I am just getting into lifting weights. It might be a crazy goal but one day I want to be cut!)
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