Whats up I need some help so I'm 28 6ft 2 tall 229 lbs I started running 30 min a day on my treadmill and fallow Jim stroppani's 12 week shortcut to size program I was 262 two months ago I eat oatmeal or eggs for breakfast have a cup of cottage cheese for a snack one scoop of whey my multi vitamins then 1 can of chicken it a pouch of tuna in water for lunch then two hard boiled eggs or a cup of almonds and another scoop of whey then for dinner 3-6 oz of lean chicken or beef and two cups of vegetables and a lot of water all day plus bcaa on lift days I've been stuck at 229 for over a week is their any thing I should tweak to start loosing fat again and gain more muscle any advice on anything I jus told you would help