Please critique and review my cut!

  1. Please critique and review my cut!

    Can everyone please help me? Trying to get my plan for summer down, I am 16, 5'10" 178 pounds(unfortunately not all muscle) so here it is:
    Jog/run for an hour in the mornings then swim for an hour or so
    Day 1 Push: pecs, delts, tris
    Day 2 pull: biceps, lats/traps
    Day 3: legs, abs, back
    Day 4 rest
    Day 1 starts all over

    Breakfast: raisin bran with a protein bar or scrambled eggs with fruit
    Lunch: peanut butter and jelly with wheat thins or sun chips, grapes or apple, carrots and a yogurt or pudding(need more ideas for lunch!)
    Dinner: I don't have many ideas for this either but I always eat healthy whatever it is, but need more set ideas which is why I am here!

    Any feedback or critiques or changes is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  2. Your diet sucks

  3. Look up some articles about splitting meals up to about 6 a day to keep your metabolism up. While cutting I keep my carbs low (100gs a day, I weigh 220lb) and consume about 50 g at breakfast and 50g post workout. Also, two hours of cardio every day is going to be extremely catabolic as well, I find myself losing weight too fast if i do 45 min 5x per week. Mess around with that and see what works.

  4. Do strength training and cardio on alternative days mon to sat, sun off, eat oats or muesli in the morning and thn lean protein after every three hours and have calories under or around 2000 calories, eat lots of veggies

  5. I agree with the other posts, you need to eat more than 3 meals a day. And maybe try more HIIT cardio to spare some muscle.

  6. I hate the "bro-science" of having to eat 5 meals a day. You guys should really look up the study on intermittent fasting, done by Dr. John Berardi.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Swordfish II
    I hate the "bro-science" of having to eat 5 meals a day. You guys should really look up the study on intermittent fasting, done by Dr. John Berardi.
    IF isn't for everyone there bud. I know it's the rave right now and it works I understand that, but I tried it and hated it or should I say my stomach/digestive system hated it. I pushed on for well over a month and finally had enough my "Bro Science" is what works best with my body, after all that's what IS important is finding what works for YOU. Six meals treats me well and I drop fat and maintain muscle as well. I'm glad IF works for you though as I like the concept, just wish my body could adapt.


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