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  1. Quote Originally Posted by bigpump23
    this is what i do and i belive it's the best in-between option. Scoop of whey and a weight gainer scoop. Now the weight gainer full servings is 3 scoops, i take 1 scoop which is about 20 g's carbs 200 cals and throw it in, therefore I get the maltodex but that a lower amount. Works good for a lean bulk
    Hey man, if you can bear the taste, more power to you. I think 100-150g of carbs will be good for most guys, spread over pre, during and post workout, depending on how long and intense your workout is.

  2. I´m more and again and again convinced from a hydrolisate-shake post workout containing appr. 3gr- of Arginine and a added scoop of Glutamine-peptide.

    I mix the two while the´re dry et comme-ca,even the peptide dissolves easily
    together with the well dissolving hydrolisate.

    I can literally fell the gh-output and gettin´ horny after drinking it.

    it´s also advisable to get your carbs and I´m also gettin hungry after that drink,so
    I eat some carbs and that´s taken care of,too.

  3. Any of you guys tried using Barley instead of Oatmeal.

  4. Uncooked barley could be used as ammo in BB guns.

    Besides the fact that it takes forever to cook, barley has a stronger taste than oats and I can't imagine putting it in a shake.

  5. I dont know if you heard of the appliance called the "chopper" it can chop anything into the finest powder. In my morning shake i use 1/3 cup oatmeal 1/3 cup barley 1/4 cup ground flax seeds 1/4 cup wheat germ. I put it all in there chop it up, you can pack this stuff like a snow ball. Taste isnt bad at all when a banana is added. Chopper is a pretty cool appliance, I buy steaks and turn them into hamburgers in a matter of seconds.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    My current post workout shake:

    5 ice cubes
    8Oz 1% milk
    1.5 servings Optimum Whey
    2 tbsp Natural Peanut Butter
    1 Banana
    1 serving ground dry oats.

    Tastes great.

    720cals 62g protien, 72g carbs, 23.5g fat

    I know the PB isnt ideal (fat and carbs) but Im trying to bulk and I need the cals - working well so far!

    From what I have read in many other places, is that milk is not a good mixer for a pwo shake. Water is better because it causes higher absorbtion rates. Milk has to be broken down and digested where water does not.

  7. if i am on a weight gainer, i find that they work the best.Maltodextrin,dextrose and fructose along with a large ammount of whey,it works fine for me.A few hours later and my muscsles are all swelled up and dense.i usually take in about 100 grams hi gylcemic carbs and about 50 grams of protein.


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