-My goal here is more so for endurance & improved cardio, BUT, i need to loose my mid section, (is 42 now & i want 38), & fast cause im going back to Jiu Jitsu. Problem i have is my body loves to hold muscle as im naturally big guy, & im the polar opposite of cardio output & loosing weight.

-Now to the point: Im going to try GW-501516 at 5mg daily & want to add in AICAR but am not sure of its dosage for a 6' 250lb man. Ive read its expensive, but if i ran it on the low end of the dosage, maybe it might be worth it. SO, can anyone post up a CLEAR dosage for AICAR??

-Also thinking of running some kinda peptide that aids in endurance, fat loss, & strenght gains, but have never used the stuff. Ive done lots of reading on these peptides & am more confused then before, especially on which to run & how to dose them.

And yes ive "searched" for AICAR dosages but i came up being more confused then before my searching.
Please & Thank You!!