Instead of digging up old posts...

  1. Instead of digging up old posts...

    Well i have been reading through alot of posts here, and i have been learning alot, however i do have a couple of questions, that i have missed the boat on because the threads are so damn old! i dont wanna dig them up (i would feel guilty!)

    anyway from this thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobo
    PS. I really like to know how you can get fat off of protein. And please don't give me the "protein converts into glucose" because if you know why that happens then you would understand how its almost impossible to get fat from excess protein.
    just wanting a bit more explanation on this, i always though your body could convert protein to glucose, then to fat and/or "anything will be stored as fat in excess" this statement just confuses me!

    dont worry i wont open up the post-workout can of worms! i'll try get my head around that stuff, maybe after i complete my doctorate in biochem

    anyway thanks for any help, i'll try and think of some more questions to challenge you all

  2. it's not a very effecient conversion, that's all

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