I need some help, i dont know what else to do

  1. I need some help, i dont know what else to do

    I'm not necessarily trying to lost weight, just trying to lost body fat. I have muscle but too much body fat covering it up. I'm not big like fat, just chubby body fat. Is there any advice from anyone? Thanks guys.

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    fat = weight

    Thus, you want to lose weight because you want to lose fat.

    If you want weight to stay the same while doing this, that's called recomp (adding muscle while losing fat).

    Honestly, I'd rather just work on slowly losing fat. You can increase cardio (I like HIIT/Tabata), carb-cycle, cal-cycle, and probably plenty of other things. Just mildly scale cals back (~200 less per day). Make changes as necessary based on how you feel, what you see, what the scale says. Just remember that mirror > scale.

    Good luck.
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  3. I shed 52lbs in like 8 months like that , Carb cycling , higher cardio , clean diet , and Tabata Burpees or basic HIIT like sprints ! Its quite easy, fast and rewarding once you start doing it , and it gets yah in love with cardio haha!.
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  4. You really need to focus on what you are putting into your body. Is the food processed? Fast food? Sodas, Juice, .... Try to consume 4 to 6 small meals throughout the day. You want your body to be in a constant fat burning mode and not store any additional fat. Replace one of your meals with a MRP (meal replacement shake) Try to drink water as often as possible avoiding any carbonated drinks or juice. Try to consume "raw" foods if possible. I greatly enjoy fasting in the morning and doing cardio on an empty gas tank (I do have a PWO drink consisting of 10 grams BCAA). Look into an appetite suppressant/thermogenic. When you get hungry between meals, eat rice cakes or something that will not significantly impact your total calories for the day. go to fitday.com, they have some awesome tools to help you track and select great food choices. Good luck

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