Need help, getting off the couch again!

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    What do you mean a "controlled -ve"?
    Controlled negative movement... so that your muscles feel the work being done on them... Not just bringing down and going up fast. but taking it a bit slow/controlled. you can do the positive movement fast but not too fast thou.

    look at this:
    Bench Press - YouTube
    thou a lil bit more controlled will get ur muscle on fire

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    I have no experience, no knowledge because I'm not even 16 years old yet, an I'm never gonna be knowledgeable if everyone is like you..

    And yes I read one of the articles you posted and he says that it will be 10-15 years until the plan is perfected.. You even said yourself your eating 5 meals a day right now and someone in another thread said that IF doesn't work for him..IF isn't for everyone
    How do you know it doesn't work if you don't try it? I am coming down on you because you haven't done any research on your own, you just expect everyone to do it for you. But with lifting nobody can do that for you. I am eating 5 a day right now, but I have gone with 3 a day too. Honestly there is no difference in results with the 3 or 5, it really just comes down to nutrient timing and getting calories in.

    Since you seem dead set on multiple meals a day, here is a decent way to optimize nutrient intake and it will walk you completely through setting up a diet.

    If you can't design a diet with this, there really is no hope for you.

  3. while their forums may be garbage the workout and nutrition guides at are great for beginners and they dont overcomplicate things.

  4. try the workout?
  5. YoungGunz
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    eat like a horse, lift heavy ass weights. You can find a training routine fitted to your needs online, there's 100s out there



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