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  1. Diet Log

    Well i had another thread started today, but i figure why not just keep track of my food intake on here and you guys can show me where i can improve. Ill start this later on, off to the gym presently for a set of sprints, no lifting today.

  2. did some moderate intensity cardio, 45min on the eliptical (my knees were aching so decided to skip sprints today), 45min later ate a cup of old fashioned oats, with 2 scoops of ON choc mint.

    about 3 1/2 hours later, ate 2 lean ground turkey patties (approx 60 grams protein, 7 grams fat) with a big glass of water

    4pm-Train- Chest: 2 sets weighted dips, Back- 2 sets widegrip pull-ups, 3 sets bent over barbell rows, 2 sets seated dumbell military presses, 3 sets of jumprope 100 jumps

    Post-workout: 30 grams maltodextrin, 60 grams whey

    thats it so far today, will update later.
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  3. Ok, had a 12oz steak with broccoli for dinner, later on had 2 egg whites and one whole egg omelette with spinach and a little bit of cheese, thats it for the day today.

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