Let me know how this looks...

  1. Let me know how this looks...


    Hey guys...

    I'm pretty new here.

    I'm 21 y.o., 5'7" 138lbs. I've lifted for a while and done well with creatine and protein as far as strength gains go, but I want more mass and hopefully more strength, too. So, for once, I'm going to go on a bulk diet. I never had actually counted up a thing as far as my diet went, just tried to eat as much protein as I could.

    I calculated I'd go around 2600 calories, 220g protein, 220g carbs, and 100g fat. The diet I planned out comes pretty close to this, and I've spread it out (though not evenly) over 5 meals. Also, I prefer to workout at night.

    Meal #1 - (549 cal/17g fat/67g carb/39g protein)
    8 oz. OJ
    2 jumbo whole hard-boiled eggs
    4 jumbo hard-boiled egg-whites
    1 packet oatmeal

    Meal #2 - (667 cal/21g fat/77g carb/47g protein)
    1 protein shake
    1 all natural PB sandwich (white bread)
    1 banana

    Meal #3 - (291 cal/6g fat/25g carb/34g protein)
    1 boneless chicken breast fillet
    1 cup broccoli
    1 apple

    Meal #4 - (691 cal/19g fat/55g carb/67g protein) (pre-workout)
    6 oz. sirloin steak, lean only
    3/4 cup white rice
    1/2 cup black beans (Cuban-style )

    Meal #5 - (413 cal/8g fat/18g carb/65g protein) (post-workout meal)
    1 boneless chicken breast fillet
    1 protein shake

    Totals - 2610 calories/70g fat/234g carbs/253g protein

    I spent the last hour or so on this, let me know how this looks. I figured a lot of this out on fitday.com. I know I went a little over on some of it, but it can't hurt that much, right? If I have to cut down, I will. Also, some days I will be subbing chicken for steak and vice-versa. This is just a baseline I thought I'd follow (with some variation here and there). Any suggestions on adding a bit more fat without throwing off the other numbers?

    Also, keep in mind that there are the calories and carbs from the creatine which I didn't take into account.


  2. Change your white bread to low GI wheat (not just any wheat), and also change your white rice to brown rice, IMO.

    Also if you're after the 40/40/20 split for PCF, remember fats are 9 calories per gram while the other two are only 4, so your PCF split does not match that ratio. You'd have to cut your fats by about half to get the 40/40/20 down.

  3. The diet looks not bad at all, but I would eat at least 300g carbs perday, and keep them low GI, except for 50g post workout, in the form of simple sugars. I would also up your protein to 300g day, and lower the fat down to somewhere around 55-70g, but keeping an eye on fat is not too crucial. You need to focus on getting the carbs and proteins in, as they are what make you grow, not fats. Just my 2 ml's. Good luck, and remember, to keep adding calories if you are not gaining weight.

  4. if i were you, i would have more vegies, at least 3 servings a day
    also a piece of fruit here and there wouldnt hurt...

    meal 2 i would have a proper protein source, rather than a protein shake, much better for you

    also post-workout add some carbs, i belive oats seems to be the thing to eat around here, after a workout

    consider adding another meal before you goto bed, consisting of cottage cheese + small amount of fat to slow digestion

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