Atkin's like diet and minimum muscle loss

  1. Atkin's like diet and minimum muscle loss

    I will admit, I did the Atkin's diet about 16 months ago and lost about 25 pounds in 2 months. BUT, yes, after 2 months, I was weak as hell. I mean, the weakest in the gym I had been in about 10 years. I was happy with the results because it was easy and cheap. I know all about the 5-6 small meals a day and the correct nutrition that goes with it, but my job makes that almost impossible. IF I were to try an Atkin's like diet, are there any changes you would make? Should I mix in several protein shakes a day? Will designer's Glucophase XR help with this process?

    Again, I know that this diet can kill you in the gym, BUT, any ways to minimize the muscle loss and still be successful with this diet?

  2. I think that's why the CKD diets included a one to two carb loading phase. So mon-fri would be low carb sat/ sun you carb up

  3. Yeah there is a lot of info on "how to do a CKD" CKD meaning Cyclical Ketogenic Diet. There is a sticky somewhere on this board with good info. Heck there are even some of *MY* posts...

    Joking aside, there's that and also the other website dedicated exclusively to the ckd. It is

  4. Hognose check your PM's.....

  5. Thanks Madman and everyone else, real quick, will Glucophase XR designer help this process? Anyone tried it yet?

    Quote Originally Posted by MaDmaN
    Hognose check your PM's.....



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