Anyone else not able to eat eggs?

  1. Anyone else not able to eat eggs?

    I can't stand eggs anymore. Ate them for so long that I put them in my mouth and want to gag. I've been just taking a whey/cassein protein shake in the morning instead along with my usual 1 cup of oats. Anyone think this is a bad idea or should I shell out the cash for egg protein? Or does anyone have any other good ideas for a good whole food protein source in the morning? Thanks to all that help!

  2. In my case i am allergic to eggs, So i would be interested to know as well what you could eat?! Although I tend to go for a protien bar, if i eat ............

  3. Why not cook the eggs, and then throw them in the blender w/a scoop of whey. The reason i say cook them is b/c i'm not much of a fan of crapping out 15 lbs of bodyweight over 1-2 week time span. I would think that whey/milk/eggs would be pretty good. You could even throw in some fruit.

  4. if your bulking why not make an omelet? cheese always helps them taste better for me also some salt and its all good... also for hardboiled just sprinkling some salt on there helps the taste dramatically IMOH.. but if you reall y cant stand them you can get a good blend that has egg in it and you wont even taste the egg

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