Post Surgery Fat Loss - Come Support a Ninja

  1. Post Surgery Fat Loss - Come Support a Ninja


    Ok guys I'm getting ready to cut again as we come into the summer. I was cutting earlier in the year and managed to get my abs to show for pretty much the first time since I was around 12. I had a decent look going when flexing my abs and was sitting around 9-10% according to caliper testing. That was about a 1 1/2 months ago before I decided to have my SLAP tear repaired. Over those 6 weeks or so I got down about the whole situation and instead of staying focused decided to cheat my @$$ off as far as diet was concerned. I have not been doing any walking or training of any kind either. Well I'm back to having some of that flab around my abs and it is making me sick. The sling comes off officially on Thur. morning and I will be going through PT soon. I'm ready to straighten out my diet, hit some treadmill time, and also hit my legs 2-3x a week as I wait on my upper body to get back to normal. I need some motivation and something to focus on so here we are.


    I was following lean gains for a long time and really liked it, but since my break from everything I've went back to what most would consider a regular eating schedule. I'm enjoying eating in the morning again and have decided to stick to 5-6 meals a day for a while and see how I do with it. I will have 3 main meals consisting of a lean meat & vegetable plus something else occasionally. I will also have 2 scoops of protein powder 2x a day while I'm at work. That puts me at 5 meals with the 6th being optional close to bedtime. I'm going for high protein, medium fats, and up to 125g or so of carbs at the most besides workout days. On days I train legs I will be throwing in some extra carbs post workout. This may come in the form of oats, fruit, rice, or some kind of potato. 2200cal on non w/o days & 2600cal on w/o days. That's about it I guess. Any advice in this area is welcomed.


    This is still kind of up in the air as to how I'm going to run it. I've got a ton of stuff waiting on me and I'm trying to decide how to use it all. For now I'm going to list up my current supps besides vitamins etc and then list out the stuff I have waiting that would apply to a cut/recomp. Any ideas on how to lay some or all of these out for a good fat loss attack over 8-12 wks would be great. If not I will definitely figure something out on my own. I have a few ideas already.

    ALCAR 2g
    PLCAR 2g
    LCLT 2g
    Oximega Fish Oil x6
    Oximega greens 1sc
    Ursobolic x9

    Osta - 10mg x 80
    DCP - 1 bottle
    TTA-500 - 1 bottle
    TT-33 - 1 bottle
    Shift - 2 bottles
    LX - 1 bottle
    CLA - 3 bottles
    Combustion - 1 bottle
    ECA - 1 pack
    ALA- 1 bottle
    Recompadrol - 3 bottles
    Slin Sane - 2 bottles
    RK 500mg

    Plus I think I'm forgetting some of the other stuff I have that may apply. I will check later when I'm at home.

    1. Keep shoulder recovery going smoothly.
    2. Lose fat
    3. Maintain muscle in upper body if possible even without lifting
    4. Maintain muscle in lower body via the limited amount of lifting I can do in my situation
    5. Hit the pool/beach June/July with a real nice 6 pack

    This will all go into full effect by Monday April, 30th at the latest. I may decide to start it up on Friday though after my sling is officially out of the picture. For some reason that just motivates me to get going. I have already started cleaning up my diet as well. Thanks for checking out my thread and for any help now or along the way.

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