Jacobg252's fat to fit using leangains log

  1. Jacobg252's fat to fit using leangains log


    I am starting my Leangains log on Monday. I have not worked out and ate like crap for the last 3 and a half years. Please check out my workout day meal plan and let me know what you guys think. On a non-workout day I am substituting meal 4 with most likely a lean meat with some fruit and veggies similar to meal 5. I will be weight training 3 days a week either Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday or Monday, Wednesday and Thursday depending on the week as I have a hectic schedule. I will be taking a multi-vitamin and in 2 weeks and creatine and NO supplement. On fridays I will follow meals 1, 2, and 3 and meal 4 which will be the last will be a heavy duty meal which I really won't be able to calculate. On saturday I will follow the 8 hour feeding time but wont be able to control my meals. If I work out on Sunday it will be in the morning which meal 3 and 4 on my list will be meal 1 and 2. Sorry for all the confusion but my schedule is majorly messed up. I will post a picture sometime this week, please see some stats below:

    HEIGHT: 6' 5"
    WEIGHT: 279 LBS
    WAIST: 44.5 IN.
    STOMACH: 47.5 IN
    NECK: 17 1/4 IN
    RIGHT ARM FLEXED: 16 7/8"
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  2. Can anyone out there help?

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