Best Macronutrient Ratio When Bulking?

  1. Best Macronutrient Ratio When Bulking?

    40%carbs/30%protein/30%fat ?


  2. Quote Originally Posted by Moyer
    40%carbs/30%protein/30%fat ?

    i would say 40/40/20 with fats being almost entirely EFAs. but people differ obviously.

  3. At the moment my thoughts are to max out protein consumption (especially while on) to maximize thermic effects if nothing else and be able to eat at higher caloric levels since protein is still thought to be 20-30% thermic compared to roughly 6% cho and 3% fat I think. I am recalling those numbers off of a thread on Hope I got em right.

    I am going with 40-60 grams fat a day on average, coming mainly from monounsaturates and only what is needeed in terms of n-3 fatty acids (3-6 grams fish oil for example). This is more personal preference as fat gives me little satiety value.

    Rest of diet comes from cho to achieve whatever rate of weight gain I am shooting for.

    For a more balanced approach, something like an isocaloric or 40/40/20 are both good options imo. I don't go by percentages personally but rather amounts based on goals and lbm/size/training volume etc. Just my take on it right now.

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