Hey All,

I've been really intrigued by the results I've seen from people following Martin Berkhan's LeanGains system, as well as his Reverse Pyramid Training method. Going to give this a try starting towards the end of May to see how it works for me, and if it ends up being a lifestyle I can adapt to long term. I've come up with a plan and would like to get some feedback on it, hopefully from people who have had some experience with LG.

Main goal is to recomp as I get closer to my October wedding. I am/will be around 10-12% BF when starting in May and would love to get down towards 8% or so while maintaining LBM and hopefully increasing strength a bit through the Reverse Pyramid Training.
Current Stats
Bodyweight: 190
BF%: 12%
LBM: 167lb
Height: 5ft 11
Age: 21

Planned Diet
Workout Days
Protein = 260g (about 1.5+ g/lb LBM)
Carbs = 400g
Fat = 60g
Calories = 3,100-3,200 (+20% maintenance)

Off Days
Protein = 260g
Carbs = 100g
Fat = 80g
Calories = 2,100-2,200 (-20% maintenance)

Deadlift - 3 sets RPT (4-6 reps)
Chin Ups - 3 sets RPT (4-6 reps)
Pendlay Row - 3x6
BB Curl - 3x6
Shrugs - 2x8
Rear Shrugs - 2x8

Bench - 3 sets RPT (4-6)
Dips - 3 sets RPT (4-6)
Incline DB Press - 3x8
Rope Tri Extension - 3x8
Lateral Raise - 2x8
Rear Delt Raise - 2x8

Squat - 3 sets RPT (4-6)
RDL - 3x10
Extension - 2x10
Leg Curl - 2x10
Standing Calves - 2x8
Seated Calves - 2x8

No plan yet, want to do some on off days before work. Any suggestions?

Feeding Window/Workout Timing
Fast 10pm-2pm
First Meal: 2pm
Workout: 5:30pm
Feast: 7:00pm
Last meal/bed by 10pm

Work day will be 7am-5pm.

Any thoughts on adjustments to make?