breakfast dessert?

  1. Talking breakfast dessert?

    you guys may think it's stupid, but me likes it!...
    Breakfast Cobbler
    1/2 cup (raw) plain oatmeal cooked w/water in microwave
    2 tablespoons berry preserves (or your favorite)
    (i add mine after the oats cook, it helps cool it down a little too so i can get to work!)

    205 cals
    6 protein
    41 carbs (15 sugar)
    2.4 fat
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  2. Sounds tasty, but I'm trying to limit my sugar intake. I've got one too, not really a dessert though. Lazy man's oatmeal omlette.

    6 egg whites
    1 cup of raw oats

    Mix all together and throw in the frying pan. Cook until edges are nice and solid, then flip and cook other side until completely solid. I'll add some tobasco or crushed peppers for flavor.

    Protein: 26.7
    Fat: 2.3
    Carbs: 24.5 (low GI)
    Sugars: 0

    Great thing is it saves me time. Don't have to eat a bowl of oatmeal and my eggs!

  3. nice, the peppers are thermogenic too! & you can use the no sugar added jam/jelly/preserves stuff to cut the carbs. i love what i eat, just goes to show it doesn't have to taste like crap to be good for you...

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