clen and t3 stack/cycle

  1. clen and t3 stack/cycle

    hi guys, new to this site so any advice is great advice.

    ive been back hitting the gym and getting back into shape after 3 years off which i have put on a good bit of weight.
    im looking at doing a clen and t3 stack or cycle.

    what i would like to do is start off taking clen and t3 together for 1 week, then stop the t3 and continue with clenm for another week. then off the clen for 2 weeks.
    #so basically its clen 2 on 2 off and t3 1 on 1 off. is this ok?
    or what would be the best way to get the best out of them?


  2. where you getting the clen and t3 from? a lot of stuff online is fake stuff youll just waste your money on

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