Going to start doing Empty Stomach Cardio with BCAAs and Oxyelite Pro/Alpha T2/Erase stack in the am (moderate elliptical training before work) and late night swimming, also on an empty stomach.

Each will last about 45 min with my regular weight training routine added as well 4x per week.

Planning around 1800 calories, high in protein.

Assuming I am listening to my body, how much can I work before I start burning muscle. Is there any real research to backup such thoughts?

I'm a marathoner but want to cut from 14-18% BF back to 10 or so in 3 months give or take. Normally I wouldn't ask, but I recently started bulking (added 20 lbs over the last year or so) and don't want to lose it.

Is 2-3 hours of exercise 6x a week for 8-12 weeks ok in respects to muscle loss with a high protein diet, the aforementioned supps (including cortisol blocker Erase)