paranoid about loose skin

  1. paranoid about loose skin

    I've been body building for 2 years now, and i used to be quite a large dude! and cut down a lot of weight. I am now left feeling very paranoid with the loose skin on my thighs - this is the main thing that hangs on my body, everything else has stretched back to its normal place other than my thighs.
    Does anyone have any exercises or knowledge that they can think of to help me lose this loose skin as it is embarrassing going to shows seeing everyone looking perfect and having this huge imperfection!
    I need as much advice as i can!

  2. All I've found , is that loose skin tightens itself if you mantain that lower body fat in yourself , in a window of 6 to 18 months...Supposedly a guy names Kris Gethin says that 150 (counted on 1 side) standing twists without without weight , right after a morning 20 minute cardio and and right after a 20 min evening cardio , will tighten the skin about an inch or so in a month...but No way to prove it until tried.

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