T5 fat burners, How much Calories do they burn alone

  1. T5 fat burners, How much Calories do they burn alone

    Hello there guys i have been cutting for 3 weeks now with good diet, i have been eating 1.5g protein per lbs and lowered my carbs and fat

    i recently purchased T5 fat burners

    They contain

    30mg Ephedrine HCL
    200mg Caffeine
    25mg Aspirin
    100mg Narningin

    How much do these pills actually burn in calories per day, they have 100% helped with energy and concentration but do they actually burn any additional calories?

  2. Putting a number on this is impossible and while google will say 150 calories or 3% more metabolic rate I don't know that either of those is based off a specific scientific study or fact.

  3. Just take them and exercise I lost 6 stone on them pretty impressive but they can get addictive .

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