Anyone have any experience with Alpha T2????

  1. Anyone have any experience with Alpha T2????

    Anyone have any experience with Alpha T2? If so, how well did it work?

  2. Amazing lol
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Airborne42 View Post
    Amazing lol
    Seriously, it was amazing???

  4. Quote Originally Posted by survey View Post
    Seriously, it was amazing???
    it's pretty good although I would stack with some type of stim based fat burner for the best results. I acutally felt like I got more from it than my clen run.

  5. I just posted about it in another thread. Started it a week ago and already seeing great results. I haven't even dropped calories. PREPARE TO SWEAT!! The great thing about it is you can add a stim based burner as well if you're into stims. I'm trying to stay light on stims for a bit and the Alpha T2 by itself is doing its job.

  6. Stack with OEP or Dexaprine
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  7. Thats what I was hoping to hear. Thanks

  8. Stack with OEP for sure...or if you are one to fall for publicity , try out Hydroxycut Elite Hardcore, the new one , comes with good yohimbe and loads of caffeine haha , could tell us if it works , but now for real:

    Erase (or pro)
    Alpha T2
    Compound 20
    Fish oil

    should be so good...i would know , im 4 weeks into this cut haha and 4 weeks left and i went from 10-12% to 7-8% already , but i do a butload of cardio and keep my diet in a strict check ;p!

  9. Stacked it with oep and bromo for a pre-cycle cut up and lost 13lbs while gaining strength but my diet wasnt perfectly on key. So my opinion of it is high.
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