Fat loss from different body parts

  1. Fat loss from different body parts

    I am currently cutting. Have been for two weeks and I am already seeing some good fat loss. I have 4 weeks to go so I think it will be a nice cut when all is said and done. I am just very new to cutting and was curious of the following: in a male is there a certain order that fat loss happens from first or does your whole body burn the fat equally throughout? I am noticing that I am leaning out most on my upper back/chest and legs while my waist doesn't seem to be leaning out at quite the same rate. What order do most people notice their fat comes off the fastest/slowest?

  2. What youre experiencing is the norm. The last to go is the central fat, particularly the lower abdominal fat.

  3. Sucks that the one place everyone cares about the most has the most changes at the end lol

  4. same thing happened to me continue working out

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