1. Thermogenic

    Just took animal cut at 8 am for first time.... Feel like i gotta take a dump... Goin to gym at 9.... Hoping for good results...Any comments or opinions please reply! Also thinking of taking animal test


  2. Take your dump pre wo. Can't be thinking about your **** all workout.
    Training log:

  3. Took 2 ****s at gym and 1 at home before.., takin a dump now lol no jitters decent workout started sweating a lot during cardio and I still have a bike ride... I felt stronger taking a pre workout like jack 3 d but I am coming off a semi hangover...

  4. What do u guys take?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by russ83 View Post
    What do u guys take?
    I take 1 maybe 2 dumps a day but I always take my dumps with dexaprine.



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