1. Anabolic-summer-diet

    alrighty..ill be done with classes may souped!! i am going to have so much more time to dedicate to the gym and perfecting my diet.. anyways im sittin at 20% wanna cut that number in exactly order for that to happen its gonna take 25lbs..i figure with an 800 calorie deficit it would take 15 weeks to reach my goal..ive been looking at the anabolic diet and i like what ive read/heard so i figured why not.macros will be 55/40/5 for 5 days out of the week with the weekends being carb up days.the only thing i havnt seen any info on is what macros should look like on the weekends..if anyone could help with that, id appreciate writing up my diet now so will post it like to hear any info/tip/experiences with the anabolic diet!


  2. Don't sweat it. Eat less, move more, and you'll lose fat.

    Carb cycle if you want to do something "special."

    Very low carb on off days (only from vegetables - except corn and potatoes).

    Med-high carb on training days.

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