Ultrasound Cavitation (aka non invasive liposuction)

  1. Ultrasound Cavitation (aka non invasive liposuction)

    This is a method of spot reduction where they use an ultrasound that damages fat cells while leaving other cells alone, the fat is drained into the lymphatic system, used for energy and processed by the liver with biproducts excreted out of the urine, treatments are done every 3 days with an expected result of around 2-6cm circumference reduction each treatment, I imagine they mean around the waist.

    At the moment I am studying with a trip overseas planned and a low carb diet is a poor choice for me as it interferes with my studies and time isnt on my side.

    I am seriously considering this, all it would be apart from the money is a trip to some clinic where they use an ultrasound every 3 days and, from what I have read I expect I would get results in 2 weeks that would otherwise take me 3 months on my problem area which is hips and the fat wont come back not very easily anyway.

    Just wondering what people have heard from this before I start looking for a place to make an appointment.

  2. This looks reaaaaaally cool. I don't know anyone who has had the treatment, so if you end up getting it done please keep us posted! Out of curiosity, what kind of prices do people charge for the treatments??

    thanks and good luck

  3. Did you go through with it? How was it? Details please..

  4. yes... any results /??

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