Very Fusterated

  1. Very Fusterated

    I've been out of the gym for a few years because of a bad injury... I gained alot of weight since i've been out got really fat. Over the past year and a half i lost 80lbs... Mostly from diet (before i went back to gym)... I've been back to the gym 4 months although i've seen massive strength gains (and i am very aware that you loose body fat and gain muscle and muscle weighs more then fat) i really haven't lost anymore weight since i've gone back to the gym although my diet is even more solid now! My muscles have developed quickly.. but now i got muscles but a gut. My diet is;

    Protein shake upon waking: (Optimum gold standard)
    15 min later, Egg beaters and cup of coffee w skim milk (no sugar)
    Lunch 1/2 of container of 2% cottage cheese
    Dinner 1 Chicken Breast and broccoli
    often for snack at bed time i thrown in a pure protein bar 24 gram of pro 2 gram of sugar...

    (protein shake post workout...2 scoops)
    and usually 2 more through the day some place..) taking fish oil 3 times a day and multi vitamin 2-3 times a day.... and bcaa during work out, cardio and sometimes sip through day...

    i'm just not loosing fat.... should i change my diet up... is there anything i could be doing better. fat burners don't really work well with me they give me anxiety... i am just looking to not hang over my shorts at the beach this summer, not looking for miracles, considering the fact i'm killing myself at the gym

  2. are you doing any cardio?

  3. yea i was doing about 30 min 3-5 times a week on the eliptical but i hurt my hip so now i;m doing an hour to an hour and a half on the bike this week i just uped the cardio to 7 days a week lifting 5

  4. Hey, OP, I don't see a lot of fats in your diet! Specifically healthy unsaturated ones. You may be hitting your protein requirements, but you should incorporate more MUFA/PUFAs from nuts, avocado, nut butters, MCTs, olive oil... All of these will boost fat burning at the proper amounts for your body comp, as well as supporting your hormone levels.


    Forgot to mention, make sure you're getting lots of fibrous green vegetables, as well. Not only will they keep you full and prevent you from overeating, but for someone like yourself, who sounds like they are battling obesity to some degree, you may end up losing a lot of "sh*t weight".

    A lot of times, a bloated gut is a sign that you have been in a prolonged period of bowel irregularity, in which your colon expands and collects days worth of digested food that has yet to be released. It's not just a weight loss issue, but a health concern, as your colon could rupture and create a septic environment within.
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