Hey BoBo

  1. Hey BoBo

    You give good information..but there is a problem finding it with all the rubbish that people post.

    so I was wondering if you could sticky some of your post
    everything from your PW nutrition ....to
    to your views on low/high GI carbs...everything that you feel is important.

    I know you charge people for your services (nothing wrong with that... im not judging you)...so I hope you dont take offense to my request.
    If you do feel offended....then I apologize.

    if you cant do it... its cool....i'll continue to dig through the threads.

    thanks BoBo

  2. If you want to weed through all the posts to find just Bobo's, then click on his public profile and click on the "view all posts by..." link. Then you'll be able to read strictly Bobo's posts. ALL 50,000 OF THEM!!!

  3. There is no way I have time for that. Follow stryder's advise.
    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

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