Finaflex px Bad Batch or just dont work for me??????????

  1. Finaflex px Bad Batch or just dont work for me??????????

    Dont know if i got a bad bath, not taking it correctly, or just to soon. Have heard alot of raves about the product and was keen on it. Not so much now.
    Been taking Finaflex PX for 2 weeks now and nothing, as far as Fat burning. Which is what this product was sold to me on. Also serves as a concentration enhancement, but honestly have become stupid and forgetful, at work while on this, making silly mistakes and forgetfulness.

    When started I 25.9% bfi currently im at 26.8% Gone up scale wrong mesurement not correct. Dont know, any input would be fantastic..

    I take 1 in the morning about 8am and then again about 230pm-3pm
    I work out at 515am in the mornings cut all fatty foods out eating like a bird in a sense. Using meal replacement shakes, and eating baked or grilled plain chicken, with veggies( peas green beans or corn)

    Could be my body just dosent work with this product. I know its not a magic pill take it and the fat just falls off but some change would be nice instead of making me feel as though i wasted money.

  2. The shakes i drink are optimumm pro complex for lunch and a half portion around 3ish also.. and im taking optimum 100% whey protien after workout also.. With Jack3d pre workout and muscle martini post with whey... figured i better add that also

    ps i also havent really noticed any changes as far as being warm or anything to that nature, since this is a xtreme thermogenic matrix, would think body temp or atleast feeling warm would happen.

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