help! recovering from injury and getting married in two months

  1. help! recovering from injury and getting married in two months

    hey whats up everyone. its been a while since i post in here. hope everyone is doing well.
    well here is the low down with my situation. in february i partially tore my LCL in a training exercise with the fire depart. i am going threw physical therapy right now. as of now i can do the bike with no problem. second, is i am getting married june 2 and we leave for our honeymoon in july. i need help lol
    since my injury i have let myself go. i feel like i have gained weight. not a lot but i can tell in the clothes i wear. what can you guys suggest for me to help me get back in good shape in the time i have? i havent been in the gym since my injury. i also have a probably eating veggies lol. as far as cardio, do i stick with the bike? what about supplements? i have taken ph before. any diet advice or guidance?
    basically just looking for some guidance so i can look good for my wedding day and honeymoon. please, a fellow member needs some help and guidance.


  2. forskolin,alpha yohimbine, ECA, and low carb dieting should get you a great deal leaner by june!

    another variable to consider is how badly you want to hold onto muscle.

    you can easily lose a ton of 'weight' mostly fat, but some muscle if you're willing to pursue a high enough deficit.

    either look into protein sparing modified fast, lyle mcdonald's crash diet, or just UD 2.0 .

    any questions about anything i said, just ask. i tend to think people know what all the acronyms and products are that i am talking about lol.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  3. forskolin,alpha yohimbine, ECA... i understand these supplements and have read a ton on the ECA stack. as far as low carb dieting. would you suggest me intaking carbs for breakfast and lunch? dinner would probably be some kind of meat and probably veggies.

    the other diets are a little too extreme for. i would love to keep as much size as possible but i know i will loose some.
    more suggestions welcome guys

  4. What has worked for me is taking a appetite suppressant first thing in the morning ( i take Bettancourt ripped juice concentrated liquid not the pills) Than I have a MRP about an hour later. Try to cut out any juice (just adds extra calories) and try to stay with foods that will "stay" with you longer ie: Oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice...etc.. Keep protein intake to about 1 to 1.5 grams per body weight. Try the recumbent bike to take any strain off of your injury. I also take iforce dexiprine, it give me nice, clean energy and helps with the cravings. Remember: if you burn more calories than you take in = weight loss.

  5. You should figure out your BMR first and start there with the cals you are allowed per day. Decrease the cals for a cut or increase them by 400 or more for a bulk


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